#102, Spring 2005

LVT Legislation Pending in Four States — Josh Vincent

Georgists Well-Represented at EEA Conference — Lindy Davies

The Power Over Money— Abdelmenem Jamil Addas

Ownership and the Law — Lindy Davies

True Christianity and My Own Religious Beliefs — Joseph Fels

The Unconquerable World — Review by Lindy Davies

Eminent Domain and Government Giveaways — Wyn Achenbaum

From The Geonomist — Jeff Smith

In Memoriam, Stan Sapiro — Mason Gaffney

By the Way: Postmodern Georgism? — Lindy Davies

“I can no more call myself an individualist or a socialist than one who considers the forces by which the planets are held to their orbits could call himself a centrifugalist or a centripetalist.”                — Henry George


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