#116, Winter 2010


Ghost Dancing — Lindy Davies

The Alodia Scrapbook: Publisher’s Interview — Lindy Davies

Thanksgiving Day: for both Plenty and Logic — Jeff Smith

America, the Aristocracy? — Salih Hall

A Million Jobless Men — Luke North

Top Ten Solutions to Unemployment — Gavin Putland

Closing the Virtual Frontier (Redux) — Lindy Davies

A Dialogue: Are Fannie and Freddie Really The Devil? — Ed Dodson & Lindy Davies

A Unified Field Theory of Social Policy — Fred Foldvary

Raffles Had the Winning Ticket — Mike Curtis

Intellectual Property as a Commons: A Shaker Comparison — Bill Batt

Weird Building Patterns in Japan…

By the Way: Morality and Spirituality — Shirley-Anne Hardy

gj116_backWhat hope for stimulating a great architecture while land holds the improvements instead of the improvements holding the land? For an organic economic structure this is wrong end around, and all architecture is only for the landlord.       – Frank Lloyd Wright

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