#117, Spring 2011

Let’s Abolish Slavery — Lindy Davies

Earth Rights Conference Held at Niger Delta University — Gordon Abiama

Good Ideas (Eventually) Get Noticed — Lindy Davies

Notes on Money — Lindy Davies

Bastiat’s Broken Window Error — Dan Sullivan

Lizzie Magie and the Landlord’s Game — from The Writer’s Almanac

The Predator Culture — Review by Lindy Davies

Rent: Surplus Product, or Surplus Profit? — Richard Giles

By the Way: Dear Landlord — Lindy Davies

Georgism… fills in the ideological blanks on either side of the spectrum. After all, property tax (albeit an imperfect and distorted form of land tax) is already universally applied. It is just a question of further asserting the gifts of nature as commons, qua environmentalists, and untaxing labor, qua libertarians. —Al Date

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