#120, Summer 2012

gj120_front…Media Movement — Lindy Davies

IU Conference in Buenos Aires: Housing, Land and Social Inclusion — Bill Batt

Overcoming Murphy’s Law in Harrisburg — Lindy Davies

Independence? Not Likely — Josh Vincent

Sales Tax Destroys Commerce — Dan Sullivan

Turgot’s Legacy: Our Commerce Clause — Mason Gaffney

Divergence — Luke North

How to (Really) End this Depression: A Response to Paul Krugman — Polly Cleveland

How Much Rent Is There? — Lindy Davies

A Critique of Most Critiques of Georgism — Jonathan Hall

Movement Visuals of Yesteryear

Stiglitz: Approaching Morality in Economics — Review by Bill Batt

From Age of Bronze — Lord Byron

Prosperity Doesn’t Work: What Should Replace It and Why — Review by Lindy Davies

By the Way: Anything But the Right Thing — Dan Sullivan

gj120_backI had a funny idea about coming up with economic policies to support all manner of silly alternative goals, as an educational exercise…. You could ask it for all sorts of objectives. An economic policy to maximize unemployment rates. An economic policy to promote primitivist notions of rewilding. An economic policy to maximize environmental destruction.         — Edward Miller, in the “LVT” Facebook Group

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