#127, Spring 2016

fcov127RSF Joins GJ as Co-publisher — Lindy Davies

Population Growth in Africa: Whirlwind, or Just Spin? — Lindy Davies

Tax Treatment of Land Income — Mason Gaffney

Factory Farms and Flawed Economics — Alanna Hartzok

Powerful Opponents to Geonomics throughout History —  Jeff Smith

A Story that Needs Telling — Jonathan Hall

RSF Announces Volume I of The Annotated Works of Henry George

Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality —  Review by Ed Dodson

As Evil Does —  Review by Ed Dodson

Adele Wick, 1950-2015 — John Tepper Marlin

Yisroel Pensack 1947-2016  — Catherine Orloff

By the Way: Top Ten Reasons Why TITSATAAFL  — Mason Gaffney

cov127We economists see no problem with [taxing unrealized capital gains], but then we see no case for minimum wages, or for heavy taxation of the income from capital, or for barriers to international trade, or for numerous other things that enjoy wide popular support. — Dick Netzer