#130, March 2017

gj130_covNow, This — Lindy Davies

A Few Questions for Mason Gaffney

Self-Supporting Sanctuary Cities — Lindy Davies

Why Robots Will Never Take Our Jobs (unless we want them to) — Edward Miller

Housing Crisis? What Housing Crisis? — Mark Wadsworth

The Only Way to Beat Trumpism — Jonathan Hall

What Trump (Doesn’t Get) Right on Trade — Lindy Davies

Beyond Brexit: The Blueprint — review by Lindy Davies

The Public Financiers — review by Bill Batt

Andrew Mazzone 1940-2017 — Scott Baker

By the Way: Pro-Trump Georgism — Adam Jon Monroe, Jr.



Of fruitful debate there’s a dearth.
Gone begging are issues of worth.
Midst futile dissension
What most needs attention
Is how we can best share the earth.
                       — Damon Gross