Pro-Trump Georgism

by Adam Jon Monroe, Jr.

Helen Keller found in Georgism, “a splendid faith in the essential nobility of human nature.” Indeed, our problem is not with some group. Georgists don’t personally blame landlords for poverty. The tax system forces people to “buy in” or remain disadvantaged. We are trapped by popular ignorance of basic economics. Continue reading

The Tyranny of Words

The following article by Roy A. Foulke, retired vice president of Dun & Bradstreet, appeared in the New York Daily News in 1949, and was reprinted in the Henry George News in 1971. Thanks to Ed Dodson.

In Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith pointed out, over and over again, that all production is divided into three streams: one in the form of wages to employees, one in the form of rent to landowners, and one in the form of profits, to suppliers of capital. Continue reading

Letting In the Jungle

by Lindy Davies

Recently I heard a rather inspiring TED talk by George Monbiot on the notion of “rewilding.” Monbiot was discussing how the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park brought about a wonderfully unpredictable series of cascading ecological benefits. It would seem likely that the wolves would help to control the deer population, which they did — but all kinds of other groovy things happened. Continue reading