The Only Way to Beat Trumpism

by Jonathan Hall

The Trump resistance is not wrong to feel that this threat is the most dire since Nazis rolled across Europe. They see Trump taking us down the same supremacist path — and now, with climate destruction and thousands of nuclear weapons, the lesson cost would be so much greater. Why is Trumpism so dangerous? Because it is a war against truth itself. Every failed democracy first lost its way from the truth. Continue reading

Now, This

trump_wowI don’t imagine that many of you read The National Enquirer — but you probably stand in check-out lines at supermarkets, so you may have noticed that this paper is very much in Donald Trump’s camp. The Enquirer’s Trump, forceful and heroic, was fixing national problems even before he was sworn in! Continue reading

BREXIT: Why Land Value Tax Can Stop Fascists & Save the Planet

by Peter Smith

Brexit has caused outrage among the established commentators of the Gruaniad, but they are all missing the point and only have themselves to blame. A bold and unfair accusation? Hear me out. I shall explain why I accuse some of the best educated and most thoughtful social commentators on politics and the environment. I voted Remain — but I also have serious reservations about Europe, and now want the Left, Liberal and caring Conservatives to own up to their mistakes and fix them, fast. If we do not, the ugly rise of fascism and environmental collapse is a real possibility. Continue reading

Keep Calm and Carry On About the Single Tax

As I write this, news of the terrorist truck-massacre in Nice, France has just broken. This comes on the heels of a series of horrible bombings and shootings. One may be inclined to let the mind go blank, refuse to engage, dive into entertainment or anesthesia. Another common response is to drop everything and try to do something about it! Now! Before it’s too late!  Yet I believe a deep breath and a healthy dose of course-staying are really what’s called for. Continue reading

I’m Old Fashioned…

by Lindy Davies

…sang Ella Fitzgerald,

ellaI love the moonlight
I love the old-fashioned things
the sound of rain upon a windowpane
the starry song that April sings…

It’s a romantic love song — but, there are some who might be tempted to suggest it as a theme song for the poor old Georgists. We live in a newfangled era — have for at least a hundred years. My goodness, people, by this time a century ago the Model T Ford was already seven years old (and Progress and Poverty came out twenty-nine years before the Model T)! Continue reading

Things Are Bad. Carry On.

I am a big fan of Star Trek (I admit it). Week after week, the Captain’s
intrepid crew faces a situation that gets bad, then worse, then they really get thrown a curveball, until by the final commercial break, not just the starship but the entire bloody universe is in mortal peril — I mean, the shields are down to 1%, ten heavily-armed Zarlengan vessels are attacking, half the crew’s minds have been hijacked by ectoplasmic communists and Spock can’t stop crying. Continue reading


by Lindy Davies

There’s an ongoing conversation, that flares up periodically, over what things are or aren’t properly “Georgist.” How big is our tent? What kinds of coalition-building would be fruitful — or distracting? What sorts of attention should we be fawning over, or forgetting about? Continue reading