#112, Spring 2009

Interview With a Georgist

Essential Transition for the Empowering of Communities — Shirley-Anne Hardy

A Visit to Managua — Lindy Davies

Land Value Capture and Gender — Alanna Hartzok

Omitted from the Spoon River Anthology — Luke North

The Eighteen-Year Real Estate Cycle — Georgist Journal Forum

Jailhouse Lawyers — review by Lindy Davies

Where We Are: US GDP, First Quarter — Fred Foldvary

Rent — Edmund Vance Cooke

We’ve Got a Bailout Now — Bradley VanDyke

By the Way: Idle Jack and Busy Bert — Diana E. Forrest

The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Not a Tax — Daniel Syddall

Systems rise and fall, political big wheels come and go, something new gets started then gets discarded, a new elite based on this, that or the other has its day in the sun then fades, nations arise, flourish, go too far in one direction or another, then go smash. And when everything is levelled to the ground, why — the ground is left! He who has fenced it off has a head start over everyone else and over every new thing that raises its head. — Bob Clancy


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