Ethics of Democracy

Adapted by Robert Clancy from the 1903 book Ethics of Democracy by Louis F. Post, ca. 1950

Democracy, from Greek Demos (people) and Krateo (rule), means Rule of the People. Not some of the people, but all the people. Ethics, we know, is the science of human duty. It is the science of right: moral science. Whether there are, or should be, ethics in democracy is with some, perhaps, only a point of view. Continue reading

Mass Democracy and its Discontents

by Fred Foldvary

In the 2016 US primary elections, many voters, unhappy with the social conditions, favored candidates who, with bombast, promise to bring back or push forward to greatness, equality, and prosperity. That so many are dissatisfied speaks badly for the current officials and policies, which had offered hope and change. While much attention is being focused on the candidates, the voting, and the political horse race, almost nobody is stepping back and taking a wide view of the whole corrupted and unfixable system of mass democracy. Continue reading