Socio-Economic Collapse in the Congo: Causes and Solutions

by Marie Rose Mukeni Beya

The history of the Congo is long. Some historians think that Early Congo History began with waves of Bantu migrations moving into the Congo River basin from 2000 B.C. to 500 A.D. and then gradually started to expand Southward. The modern history of the Congo may be divided into four periods starting in 1885, after the Conference of Berlin divided Africa into separate states which were then ruled by European’s imperial powers. Continue reading

The Amazing Tom Johnson

by Chuck Metalitz

One hundred years ago, Cleveland was the sixth largest city in the United States (today it’s the 41st, with Philadelphia in sixth place). Mayor Tom L. Johnson was nearing the end of his fourth and last term. Though he failed to win reelection, his faction still captured most of the citywide offices and remained a force in Cleveland politics for decades. Continue reading

LVT Comes to New London, Connecticut

by Josh Vincent

This July 1st, Governor Jody Rell signed into law HB 379, which is a pilot program that permits the distressed city of New London, Connecticut to tax land and buildings at different rates. This is the culmination of an effort that began with communication and data gathering with New London activists trying to save their city, led by ReNew London, headed by Art Costa. Continue reading

A Letter from the New CGO President

by Ed Dodson

Our 2009 conference and meetings held in Cleveland, Ohio has come and gone. Some 75 of us gathered for four days of serious discussion on the state of our world, as particularly evident by conditions endured by the people of Cleveland. The presentations made at this conference will soon be available for viewing and/or reading on the CGO website. Continue reading