We Must Cut Through the Fog

by Joseph Jamme

Mr. Jamme is a student in the HGI’s course in Applied Economics. What follows is his answer to the question, “What are some practical ways to secure public recognition and adoption of George’s proposal?” — L.D.

Henry George suggests a number of ways to help publicize his remedy and try to secure its enactment. Some may not be as applicable today, while others may be more so. Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Idle Hands?

by Joseph Jamme

The following was written in response to two questions, in the HGI’s course in Fundamental Economics, about conditions that are currently lead to social decline, and how George’s remedy would affect them. Mr. Jamme is incarcerated in Texas.

Many social conditions that should have been checked in years past have already led to a decline in civilization. The days when a statesman would be insulted to be called a politician are long gone. Continue reading