#104, Spring 2006

Georgists Turn Out at EEA Conference — Wyn Achenbaum

Fund Basic Income Grants Not from Income, but from Outgo — Jeff Smith

Baltimore Eyes LVT Reform — Josh Vincent

Beware the Term ‘Land Tax’ — Shirley-Anne Hardy

Repopulating New Orleans — Mason Gaffney

The Forgotten Ones (Katrina) — Mumia Abu-Jamal

Why Are Theories of Value Important? — Lindy Davies

Revolution or “Restoration”? — Ed Dodson

By the Way: Don’t Insist on Rationality — Lindy Davies

Sunlight and breezes and gladsome flowers are over the earth spread wide
And the good God gave these gifts to men, to men who on earth abide
Yet thousands are toiling in poisonous gloom, shackled with iron bands
While millions of hands want acres, and millions of acres want hands
                                                         — Augustine Duganne, ca. 1890

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