#107, Spring 2007

The Big Questions

Father McGlynn and the Holy Office — Will Lissner

One as Well as Another — Herbert S. Bigelow

The Georgist View of Capital and Interest — Lindy Davies

Henry Ford Caused the Great Depression! — Mike Curtis

Denying Inflation: Who, Why and How — Mason Gaffney

By the Way: Oh, That Crisis — Lindy Davies

We must be careful not to fall into intellectual self-satisfaction, into a kind of triumphalism of erudite and advanced “new” versions of Christianity…. To paraphrase a well-known text of Pascal, we can say that all the political theologies, the theologies of hope, of revolution, and of liberation, are not worth one act of genuine solidarity with exploited social classes. They are not worth one act of faith, love, and hope, committed — in one way or another — in active participation to liberate humankind from everything that dehumanizes it and prevents it from living according to the will of the Father.    — Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, A Theology of Liberation

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