#111, Winter 2009

How to Thaw Credit, Now and Forever — Mason Gaffney

How to Solve the Credit Crisis — Fred Foldvary

Does Georgism Have a Theory of History? — Lindy Davies

Have Economists Led Us to Economic Chaos? — Ed Dodson

George and Ohio’s Civic Revival — review by Lindy Davies

The People’s Budget: An Edwardian Tragedy — review by Gordon Hoover

A Political Parable — Herbert S. Bigelow

By the Way: Dirty Dozen — Jeff Smith

Comment: Is there a movement? — Lindy Davies

Private property in land… is something so utterly absurd, so outrageously unjust, so clearly a waste of productive forces and a barrier to the most profitable use of natural opportunities, so thoroughly opposed to all sound maxims of public policy, so glaringly in the way of further progress, that it is only tolerated because the majority of men never think about it or hear it questioned. — Henry George, The Land Question

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