#113, Autumn 2009

A Letter from the New CGO President  — Ed Dodson

LVT Comes to New London, Connecticut — Josh Vincent

The Amazing Tom Johnson — Chuck Metalitz

Socio-Economic Collapse in the Congo — Marie Rose Mukeni Beya

The Credit Crunch: Cause and Cure — R. D. Keall

Fear: the Root of All Our Social Problems — Salih Hall

Who’s Afraid of Idle Hands? — Joseph Jamme

The Secret Life of Real Estate — Review by Mason Gaffney

Farewell to Four Friends:

Beatlenomics — Bob Drake

The Meaning of Land — Bruce Oatman

What One Founding Father Foresaw — Dick Noyes

The Preaching Must Never Stop — Lawrence Moss

By the Way: Capitalism — Lindy Davies

The Top Ten Obvious Facts for Georgists  — Mike Curtis & Lindy Davies

I do not believe in taxing one citizen for the purpose of enriching another citizen.  — Tom Johnson

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