#115, Summer 2010

The IU’s 2010 Conference: a First-Timer’s Report — Michael Hawes

CGO Conference Explores Tools, Strategies Partnerships

Henry George Institute Update!

Tax Set-Off: From Negative Gearing to Blast-off! — Robert Keall

That ‘The Earth Belongs to Everybody’ — Richard Giles

Interest, Time and Capital — Fred Foldvary

The Land Question in Europe: Victim of The Great Depression and Total War? — Edward J. Dodson

Letter to My Georgist Friends — Mark Koerner

After the Crash: Designing a Depression-Free Economy — Review by Lindy Davies

The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger — Polly Cleveland

By the Way: Simplicity in Economics — Lindy Davies

buynowI have no wish to hold any class up to public disapprobation. I do not think that the man who makes money by unearned increment in land is morally worse than anyone else who gathers his profit where he finds it in this hard world under the law and according to common usage. It is not the individual I attack; it is the system. It is not the man who is bad; it is the law which is bad. – Winston Churchill

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