#118 — Autumn 2011

gj118Plan on Surprise — Lindy Davies

CGO 2011: ” Henry George Theorem at Work” — Dan Sullivan

The Stiglitz Report Roundtable — Ed Dodson

LVT: Farmers Need Not Worry — Frank Walker

Taking the Professor for a Ride — Mason Gaffney

Nobody’s Occupying THIS Lot — Lindy Davies

A Conversation on Political Economy — Ed Dodson

Property, Surplus, Sovereignty — Lindy Davies

Announcing the Georgist Community Fund — Paul Martin

Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle — review by Lindy Davies

Stolen Land — Stolen Lives and the great con trick of DEBT! — review by Toby Lenihan

Farewell to Bob Kennedy, John Morales and Marvin Morris

By the Way: The Post Office Blues — Lindy Davies


Something is happening here,
and you don’t know what it is,

Do you, Mr. Jones? — Bob Dylan

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