#119, Spring 2012


HGI Gains College Credit Recommendation

Priorities — Lindy Davies

Our Input in Harrisburg — Josh Vincent

How Henry George’s Principles were Corrupted into a Game Called Monopoly — Ed Dodson

When Land Speculation Turns Fascist — George Morton

Reverberations — Mason Gaffney

Forclosed: Rehousing the American Dream — review by Lindy Davies

We Must Cut Through the Fog — Joseph Jamme

Taxes Kill Jobs — Mike Curtis

Defining Political Economy — Lindy Davies

The New Jim Crow — review by Lindy Davies 28

In Memoriam: Barbara Sobrielo — Fernando Scornik Gerstein

By the Way: Stripped — Thomas M. Lyons


gj119_backIt is not a question of stopping growth. There is no need to divide into factions for and against growth. We can grow by combining more labor with the same land and capital. It is simply a matter of modifying processes and products and consumption. Each time capital recycles it can embody new concepts as well….      — Mason Gaffney

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