# 121, Autumn 2012

gj121_frontCautious Optimism — Lindy Davies

Is UK LVT Support Nearing the Tipping Point? — Dave & Heather Wetzel

Time to Jump Into Social Media! — Jacob Shwartz-Lucas

Democracy and the US Supreme Court — Mason Gaffney

Georgism and Normative Economics — Lindy Davies

We Can’t Afford to Go On Like This — Reviews by Lindy Davies

Point/Counterpoint: Natural Law and Wealth Distribution — H. George and J. S. Mill

Economics is Easy — Once You See the Trick — Fiction by Lindy Davies

The Top Ten Problems with “Corporate Personhood” — Mason Gaffney

By the Way: Teaching Henry George by Correspondence — Helena Platkin

handsThe young men, the mothers, the girls, the little children who once lived and were happy here, still love these lonely places. And at evening the forests are dark with the presence of the dead. When the last red man has vanished from this earth, and his memory is only a story among the whites, these shores will still swarm with the invisible dead of my people. And when your children’s children think they are alone in the fields, the forests, the shops, the highways, or the quiet of the woods, they will not be alone. There is no place in this country where a man can be alone. At night when the streets of your town and cities are quiet, and you think they are empty, they will throng with the returning spirits that once thronged them, and that still love those places. The white man will never be alone.

So let him be just and deal kindly with my people. The dead have power too.     — Seattle

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