# 122, Spring 2013

122frontLondon 2013: Economics for Conscious Evolution

Pittsburgh 2013: Centennial Celebration & Mourning

Emerging Greenland — Lindy Davies

What the (Georgist) World Needs Now — Alanna Hartzok

The Wall Street Journal Offers Its Sympathy — Lindy Davies

The Long and the Short of It — Lindy Davies

The Ever-Expanding Debt-Money Fallacy — Fred Foldvary

Astounding Numbers from New York City — Common Ground NYC

Job Description — Steve Sklar

Memorandum on the Henry George School — Robert Clancy

By the Way: Thoughts on the Tree of Knowledge — Dan Sullivan


But this is the great fact with which we are concerned: That the differences between the people of communities in different places and at different times, which we call differences of civilization, are not differences which inhere in the individuals, but differences which inhere in the society…. — Henry George

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