#129, October 2016

129cov_ftThe “Sovereign Remedy” — Lindy Davies

CGO 2016: A Personal Look — Jeff Graubart

Land Value Based Fiscal Reform and the New Urban Agenda — Lindy Davies

A Life in the UN — Interview with Teckla C. Negga Melchior

On Fictitious Commodities, and Sacred Land — Lindy Davies

The Dangers of a Basic Income without Land Value Taxation —  Charles Bazlinton

Georgist Tax Policy in Western Canada, 1890-1920 —  Mason Gaffney

Charting the Costs of Land Speculation — Lindy Davies

Unmasking the Rent of the Commons (notes on Rent Unmasked: Essays
     in Honour of Mason Gaffney) — Bill Batt

By the Way: The Tyranny of Words — Roy A. Foulke



If you can’t be one of the prophets yourself, you can at least abstain from helping to stone them.  — Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen, 1894