The Top Ten Reasons Why the Georgist Remedy is Not a Tax

by Daniel Syddall

10. Taxes are arbitrary. Land dues are not arbitrary.

9. Taxes are unjustified. Land dues are the fulfillment of justice.

8. Taxes add cost. Land rent is always paid anyway, so land dues prevent private appropriation, reducing land costs.

7. Taxes are inimical to property rights. Land dues are essential for property rights.

6. Taxes create inefficiency, by imposing deadweight loss. Land dues raise efficiency, by reducing deadweight loss.

5. Taxes perpetuate the miserable conditions of society by constraining political debate to surface issues. Land dues solve the problem at its root.

4. Taxes lead to subsidies. Land dues are the elimination of subsidies.

3. Taxes make the general population poorer. Land dues make the general population wealthier by allowing producers to keep more of what they produce.

2. Taxes affect the poorest most. Land dues affect the privileged most.

1. Taxes create conflict. Land dues are the key to peace and prosperity.

2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons Why the Georgist Remedy is Not a Tax

  1. Ground rent is the purchase of location value. Location value increases profits, convenience and even status. Ground rent is voluntary. There is always free land at the margin. Taxes are neither voluntary, nor do they purchase convenience or profit opportunity. These are the top two reasons site revenue is not a tax.

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