London 2013 — Economics for Conscious Evolution

skyUThe quality of our consciousness and thinking profoundly impacts economics. Consciousness in its fulfilled, developed state will bring the ‘dismal science’ of economics to an evolved and higher level — to the status of Enlightened Economics. — Ron Robins

The Economics for Conscious Evolution conference will highlight key principles and policies to show how economics can align with the conscious purpose of furthering the well being of all life on earth. We will explore how to harmonize the needs of the individual and the community and design a cohesive strategy for next steps we can take to build a world that works for everyone. The conference is also designed to maximize participation of all attending.

Objectives of the conference: We will highlight key principles and policies for the emerging economics paradigm, showing how economics can align with and support the conscious evolution of human and other life on earth. We will explore a path beyond both left and right, one that meets the needs of both the individual and the community. Conference participants will design a cohesive strategy for next steps as individuals and as leaders of organizations.

— Alanna Hartzok

Key Sessions and Speakers

Land and Geo-Justice — Kamran Mofid (Globalisation and the Common Good Initiative) Peter Bowman (Head of Economics, School of Economic Science)

Sharing the Land, Rent, and Money Commons — Rajesh Makwana, Adam Parsons (Share the World’s Resources), Gary Flomenhoft (Gund Institute, University of Vermont)


The School of Economic Science

Sharing the Water, Fish, and Oil Commons — David Triggs (Land and Liberty), Aniol Esteban (New Economics Foundation), Bill Batt (Central Research Group), Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights Institute)

Sharing the Land via Land Trusts and Ecovillages — Anthony Trowbridge on the Zulu Village in RSA, speakers from This Land is Ours and/or the Global Ecovillage Movement

Why Socializing Land Rent and Untaxing Production is Good for Labour — Presented by Labour Land Campaign: Dave Wetzel, Carol Wilcox, Heather Wetzel (Round Table Format)

Inequality, Climate Change and New Economics — Connecting the dots of money, land, energy, taxes and climate change for a big picture view. Caroline Lucas (UK Parliament) Gary Flomenhoft (Vermont Common Assets Model)

Geo-Justice Synergy Workshop — We will co-creatively utilize open space methodology, small groups, brainstorming and a few brief presentations to envision and develop ways to strengthen and harmonize our work together after the conference concludes.

London Tour Day — Exploring the economic history and influence of London through the ages. Charters, Declarations and Economic Human Rights from the Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest to the Declaration of Individual and Common Rights to Land. Bus tour and event at Speakers Corner.

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