Nigeria’s Breathtaking Opportunity

by Lindy Davies

Recently, Nigeria has completed a rather difficult program of government-mandated bank consolidation. This has been on the HGI’s radar screen because our website, having shown some passing interest over the years in the economic affairs of Africa, has been besieged with requests for information on Nigerian banking. The story that emerges is fascinating, and offers important lessons for the rest of the world at a crucial juncture in history. Continue reading

Is Henry George (and Are Today’s Georgists) Wrong About Free Trade?

by Lindy Davies

(Remarks prepared for a debate with Dan Sullivan at the CGO conference in Chicago.)

Here are some arguments and responses:

1. George made a huge tactical error when he began to emphasize free trade.

Maybe he did, then. But today’s tactical considerations depend on today’s situation. We can learn from history, certainly — but we can’t simply transfer historical events onto a modern context. Continue reading