Fair and Unfair Competition

by Sydney A. Mayers

Sydney A. Mayers passed away in December, having reached his 100th birthday. He served as the President of the Henry George Institute since 1995, and was a Trustee of the Henry George School for many years. A consummate communicator, Sydney’s writing was precise and clear, and his public speaking sparkled with a wit and skill that seemed effortless. Continue reading

The Simple Truth

by Everett W. Gross

A stalwart Georgist, Everett Gross of Crete, NE, died March 5, 2008. He was 88. Everett and his wife Mildred were honored at the 2000 Council of Georgist Organizations conference in Des Moines, which their son Damon co-hosted. They had become Georgists in the 1940s after reading Progress and Poverty through a book club they had joined. Continue reading

What One Founding Father Foresaw

by Dick Noyes

Richard Noyes was the publisher of The Salem Observer for 35 years. He was one of the founding directors in 1985 of Common Ground-USA, and was the editor and publisher of Groundswell from 1986 to 1993. He served as the Council of Georgist Organizations president in 1993-94, and he edited the 1991 book Now The Synthesis, Capitalism, Socialism, and the New Social Contract. This is excerpted from a paper delivered at the Georgist conference in San Diego in 1987. Continue reading

The Meaning of Land

by Bruce Oatman

Bruce Oatman was a sociologist, teacher and social worker, who taught for 12 years at Oniaka College, and advocated for the homeless in New York. He served on the boards of the Henry George School (where he was a popular teacher), Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and Common Ground-USA. The following is excerpted from an interview with Bruce in 2006. Continue reading


by Bob Drake

Bob Drake was a writer, teacher and record producer; he founded Kopasthetics Records to produce his wife Spider Saloff’s work. In 2006, after years of careful work, he published his popular modernization of Progress and Poverty. He served as Education Director at the Henry George School of Chicago. Thanks to Chuck Metalitz for the following excerpt from Bob’s “Beatlenomics” presentation — which always included a few bars of each highlighted song. Continue reading