Eminent Domain and Government Giveaways

by Wyn Achenbaum

It seems to me that there are better ways than eminent domain to provide the incentives that will lead the private sector to develop choice land. I’ve walked the New London, Connecticut, neighborhood involved in the Kelo case (before I was aware of the case). It sits fairly high above the Thames River near Long Island Sound, overlooking Fort Trumbull, which has been restored in recent years. Continue reading

Ownership and the Law

by Lindy Davies

What constitutes the rightful basis of property? What is it that enables a man justly to say of a thing, “It is mine!” From what springs the sentiment which acknowledges his exclusive right as against all the world? — Henry George, Progress and Poverty

Alas, many questions that seem quite simple — to children, say, or to idealists — get all muddled in the world of grownups (and lawyers). Continue reading

The Power Over Money

by Abdelmenem Jamil Addas

It is the general view that the US economy has outperformed most of the rest of the world in the past several years. Judging by real GDP growth rates, this is true. Yet the reason why is obvious, easily explained, and disastrous in its consequences: the US credit machine has no parallel in the world. It is geared to accommodate absolutely unlimited credit for two purposes — consumption and financial speculation. Continue reading