Closing Remarks at the Scranton Conference

by Adele Wick, President, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, July 26, 2007

It has been a pleasure to come here not only as a “First Timer” but also as the president of one of the conference’s three sponsors. Robert Schalkenbach’s working trajectory was from typesetter/”printer’s devil” to president, not only of one of New York’s largest printers, but also of an association of employing printers. Henry George was a printer as well. It is altogether fitting and proper, then, that RSF has always been involved in publication. Continue reading

Hot Deals in Harlem!

by Lindy Davies

In Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park, a drum circle has gathered, every Saturday afternoon, for at least 38 years. Riding city transit from all around the town to this convenient (but sadly blighted) spot, folks gathered for a joyous, raucous celebration. The gathering was traditionally along the northern edge of the park, along 124th street across from a long-vacant lot. Savory barbecues were a prominent part of the event. Continue reading

Georgism & Distributism: an “Existential” Dialogue

The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace by John Médaille, 2007, Continuum Press, New York. Review by Lindy Davies

Let’s imagine that there exists an idea. Upon examination, it is revealed to be more than just “an idea;” it’s a system — clear, consistent, elegant, useful; indeed, it offers solutions to problems long deemed intractable. If this idea, this body of potentially vital knowledge, is so obscure that scholars in its field see no need to mention it, then does it actually, uhmm, exist? If the voice of God utters a “sovereign remedy” in the wilderness, has it made a sound? Continue reading

Russia’s Future

by ; translated by Ole Lefmann

Dear Garri Kasparov, I write to you because I read the interview you gave to Der Spiegel. The translation into Danish was printed in the daily newspaper Politiken on March 22, 2007. It appears that you have formed “The United Anti-Socialistic Front of Russian Citizens” as a protest against President Putin and his suppression of democracy. Continue reading

News from Nicaragua

The Instituto Henry George de Managua soldiers on, despite various difficulties and setbacks, such as increasing recessionary pressures in Nicaragua, a very heavy rainy season which made transportation unreliable, and frequent power outages. The 36th course in its Comprender la Economía program began with 81 students; the proud graduates are pictured below. Continue reading

The White Issue

by Lindy Davies

The Beatles released “The White Album” in 1968. The intital reviews weren’t so good, but at least two generations of listeners have loved the record and repurchased it on each new media format. The Fab Four themselves thought of it as their “breakup album” — they weren’t, always, even together when they were recording it; they were in different studios, on different tracks. You couldn’t really blame them. Continue reading