A Georgist Theory of History: Work in Progress

by Lindy Davies

One criticism frequently leveled at Georgists that has more truth than most is the notion that our analysis lacks depth — that we’re shake ‘n bake utopians, that we have one simple, magical cure to offer for poverty, depression, oppression, repression and indigestion. Henry George himself was, perhaps, guilty of creating that impression in the apocalyptic tone of many of his final chapters. Continue reading

Reform and Stakeholdership in the Niger Delta

by Gordon Abiama

It is well known that Nigeria’s oil industry is characterized by a high level of inefficiency and massive fraud that has resulted in billions of dollars in lost revenue.

So, the recent tongue-lashing of the Nigerian government by the Venezuelan Ambassador to Nigeria, Enerique Fernando Arrundell, should not have been a surprise. Arrundell denounced the Nigerian Government’s obsession to deregulate the oil sector. Continue reading