News from Nicaragua

The Instituto Henry George de Managua soldiers on, despite various difficulties and setbacks, such as increasing recessionary pressures in Nicaragua, a very heavy rainy season which made transportation unreliable, and frequent power outages. The 36th course in its Comprender la Economía program began with 81 students; the proud graduates are pictured below. Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Economy is Near Collapse

by Paul Martin

If the Nicaraguan government continues on its present course, the Instituto Henry George predicts that Nicaragua will soon experience a major economic crisis, which will manifest itself as a total paralysis of the economy in almost all sectors (transportation, commerce, government, etc.), rationing of basic utility services and essential products, and violent social protest. Continue reading

A Visit to Managua

by Lindy Davies

The most vivid impression I took away from Managua is that it is a place where things don’t work. There doesn’t seem to be any malice in it; people seem quite cheerfully to be going about their many-hindered tasks. And while there is plenty of blame to go around, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious villain; even the new “socialist lite” Sandinista government seems to be trying its best and is, after all, a heck of a lot better than what they could have, but — things in Managua just don’t seem to work. Continue reading